CBRE Workshop Series

The CBRE Workshop Series was established by CUP in 2007. In 2012, this series moved to Community Engagement Studies (CES) under the Faculty of Extension. Students can now apply their workshop experience toward a Citation in Community Engagement.

This program is ideal for those interested in learning about community-based research and evaluation (CBRE). In particular, service providers, policymakers, students, and researchers studying, working with, and working for children, youth, and families may find the series helpful. The workshops are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of CBRE and increase their capacity to engage in CBRE. Through the series, participants have opportunities to network with others seeking to build CBRE partnerships.

The CBRE Workshop Series consists of six workshops, ideally to be taken one after the other. Each workshop includes information about various aspects of CBRE, concrete examples, and time to network.

Workshops Names

Workshop #1 An Introduction to Community-Based Research & Evaluation (CBRE)
Workshop #2 Doing CBRE Well: Ethically and With Rigour
Workshop #3 Building CBRE Partnerships
Workshop #4 Developing CBR Projects: The ‘How’
Workshop #5 Program Evaluation with a Community-Based (CB) Approach
Workshop #6 Making an Impact: Mobilizing Knowledge to Inform Policy and Practice

Location: Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue

Registration: For more information or to register please visit Community Engagement Studies or email

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